Myanmar Migrants Discharged from Field Hospital

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Myanmar Migrants Discharged from Field Hospital

In Samut Sakhon, where a large number of migrant workers were infected with Covid-19 in the new round of the outbreak, 180 Myanmar migrants on Monday left the field hospital, set up inside a sports stadium.

They were declared free of Covid-19 infection and returned to their dormitories at the central shrimp market.

On Sunday, 292 Myanmar migrants were discharged from the field hospital. So far, a total of 472 migrants have recovered from Covid-19 and returned to the market.

Tomorrow, 125 others will leave the field hospital and the rest of 69 migrants will remain in quarantine there until Jan 14.

After that, the field hospital will temporarily close for disinfection and facility improvement. It will be assessed later when this field hospital will reopen.

At the central shrimp market, their compatriots welcomed those who returned from the field hospital. The returnees were required to register for entering the special control zone.

Local immigration officials checked their documents including their passports and the Covid-19 free medical certificate, issued by the Public Health Ministry.

As travel restriction has been imposed at the shrimp market, they are not allowed to leave the area except for necessary purposes.

They can seek permission for essential travel out of the control zone but will not be able to return until the market reopens. It is expected that trade at the shrimp market will resume at the end of January.

Source: TNA

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