Contacts with Uzbek Footballer Test Negative for Covid

กองบรรณาธิการ TCIJ | Mon, 14 September 2020 | Read 180

Contacts with Uzbek Footballer Test Negative for Covid

More than 140 people, identified as contacts with the Covid-19 infected Uzbek football players tested negative for coronavirus as well as six persons on the same flight with him, said the Disease Control Department (DCD).  

The 29-year-old footballer, who plays for Buriram United tested positive for the virus on Sept 10 during the screening test before Thai League games.

He completed 14-day quarantine after his arrival from Uzbekistan. He tested negative for the virus during the quarantine.

Health officials made disease investigation, collecting samples from 441 persons, who had contact with him for the testing.  

Of that number, 100 persons were identified as high risk contacts and 341 others as low risk contacts.

So far, the test results showed 147 persons tested negative for the virus. The test results have not come out yet for the rest of 286 persons.

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