HWPL peace activities laid the foundation for peace of Myanmar

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HWPL peace activities laid the foundation for peace of Myanmar

On the last 12th of February, President U Win Myint sent a message emphasizing the resolution of political issues, ceasing armed conflict and carrying out the successful implementation of the peace process on the occasion of the 73rd Union Day 2020. Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) and its affiliated organization International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) and partner organization International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) conducted peace education; one of the ways to achieve peace and pass to posterity in various regions of Myanmar.

Future of Myanmar from Children, IPYG Youth Empowerment Workshop

IPYG who are working with youths to protect themselves from the conflicts of the world and leave peace to future generations held IPYG Youth Peace Workshop for 40 children at Children of Tomorrow Youth Center in Yangon on 15th February.

IPYG Youth Empowerment Workshop (YEWP) on providing a variety of learning environments for young people and citizens alienated from education as well as regular educational institutions to achieve SDGs' goal of 4 "quality education" and implement DPCW Article 10 "Spreading a Culture of Peace"

The presentation of the workshop showed that human beings can’t live without light, rain, and air through painting activities. After the class, children realized that harmony and cooperation was necessary to achieve a world of peace, such as the provision of nature.

Passing Peace to Our Children, IWPG Peace Education Seminar

On February 16, 2020, IWPG Peace Education Seminar was held at the University of Global Peace in Mandalay with 120 audiences.

The seminar, hosted by IWPG, an international peace organization that strives to stop the war and bring peace to children to protect their children in the war with a mother's mission, had " IWPG Peace Lecturer Training Education," which taught women all around the world how to learn the spirit of peace and practice it.

The class began by recalling the wonders of life, myself and others, the dignity and value of human beings, through images representing the beauty of Earth and life. The trainees vowed to actively participate in the education of peace instructors who can know their values and deliver peace through time to look back and organize their past lives.

Dr. Khin Thida Han who was a speaker of the event said, “We are mutually interdependent and supportive of each other. Also, this education is the first in Myanmar and free in cost. All learning materials needed for teaching will be given in free to peace lecturers who will get a certificate of peace lecturer.”

The IWPG Peace Lecturer Training Education will run every weekend for a total of 10 chapters. Through this education, each individual is expected to first become a peace messenger. So that they can be instilling peace in all women in the global society, and further becoming a peace leader who makes peace around the world.

Building the Foundation for Peace, HWPL Peace Education

The “HWPL Peace Education for Union Day of Myanmar” was held with 34 kindergarten students of Attitude to Ethnics & Competence (AEC) Private High School in Yangon on February 20th, 2020.

The education was conducted as a class to honor the spirit and understand the meaning of Union Day, which celebrates the achievement of a federal nation through harmony through ethnic equality.

Through the activities of coloring dolls of the ethnic groups in Myanmar, this class of elementary and junior students can understand that all things are living in harmony with each other, although there are different parts of them. This allows students to realize and practice the importance of coexistence and harmony in our society where diversity exists, knowing that peace can begin when understanding and accepting diversity.

A student who participated in the class said, “I realized the value of differences. I am sure that the world will change peacefully when we can peacefully coexist even we are different.”

The Peace Educations conducted by HWPL and cooperative organizations in this time aims to pass peace down to posterity by instilling peace values to citizens. Citizens who have completed this education will be able to realize peace by knowing and practicing how to transform the violent culture taking place in today's global society into a culture of peace.

HWPL Myanmar delegation team said, “We have visited Myanmar to promote peace by focusing on increasing awareness of the DPCW from the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the President of Myanmar for the declaration to be submitted to the UN General Assembly and enhance implementation of peacebuilding efforts globally in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.”

As an international peace organization, HWPL is engaged in peace activities with people who are active in various fields of the global society to achieve peace through the cessation of war. To this end, HWPL is trying to establish a culture of peace that the civil society implements, calling for the support of political leaders from all over the world to adopt the international law of peace, DPCW to the United Nations as a legally binding form.

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