Nightlife Venues May Be Allowed to Reopen Next Month

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Nightlife Venues May Be Allowed to Reopen Next Month

Operators of night entertainment venues were hopeful that they may be allowed to resume their businesses on July 1after Sunday’s talks with the business lockdown – easing committee.

Sanga Ruangwattanakul, President of the Khao San Business Association met Gen Natthaphol Nakpanich, deputy army chief and a deputy chairman of the committee yesterday.  

He said the resumption of nightlife venues will be proposed to the meeting of the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) and reopening of nightlife entertainment venues may be allowed in the fifth round of the easing of business lockdown, which could start on July 1.

If they are allowed to resume businesses, the operators and their employees will earn an income after they had to should the cost burden during months of closure due to Covid-19 pandemic, he said.

They confirmed that they are ready to carry out Covid-19 prevention measures, based on the guidelines of the Public Health Ministry.

Representatives of Thai Entertainment Venues said after the meeting, they felt more at ease and hopeful but some operators remained concerned that they had to wait for the orders of provincial governors to resume their businesses unlike Bangkok, which sticks to the order of the CCSA.

Nightlife operators in the provinces may have to meet governors for discussion after the CCSA eases restrictions to allow them to resume businesses.

Source: TNA
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