Air Unhealthy in Bangkok’s Nine Districts

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Air Unhealthy in Bangkok’s Nine Districts

The levels of ultra-fine dust have exceeded the safety standard in Bangkok’s nine districts, reported the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s Environment Office.

The PM2.5 levels in the past 24 hours were measured on Friday morning between 35-60 microgrammes per cubic metre. The unhealthy levels were reported in nine areas, showing the particulate matter rose over the safe threshold of 50 mcg.

Nine districts are Wang Thong Lang, Bang Kho Laem, Phra Nakhon, Klong Toei, Laksi, Bueng Khum, Bang Khen, Khlong San and Lat Krabang.

The PM2.5 readings at 52 air monitoring stations of the Pollution Control Department showed that the particulate matter tended to rise from yesterday.

Unhealthy levels were reported at 10 stations with the highest level of the fine dust on Sam Sen Road in Phra Nakhon district.

The tiny dust situation is updated with real time warning on the websites, 

In Ang Thong province, about 100 km. north of Bangkok, the PM2.5 level rose to the red zone at 68 microgrmames per cubic metre for the second time of this year. People are warned to refrain from outdoor activities and seek medical treatment if they fall ill with symptoms like nose and eye irritation or breathing difficulty.

Source: TNA

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