Man Arrested for Selling Fake Medical Certificates

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Man Arrested for Selling Fake Medical Certificates

Tourist police arrested a man for selling fake medical certificates including those for COVID-19 during a raid at a house in Bangkok’s Lat Phrao district.

He has been charged with falsifying documents under the Computer Crime Act. 

The police are expanding the investigation to arrest more culprits as they believe the crime was operated by more associates, involving in finding equipment and customers.

The police are searching for evidence to arrest at least one more person.

According to the initial investigation, the network looked for customers on Facebook and Line application before making a deal for producing fake medical certificates at around 800-1,000 Baht each for a service fees.


The man confessed to making false certificates for more than one year for over 1,000 customers who wanted to use them for sick leave, insurance claims or other purposes during the COVID-19 outbreak.

During a raid, the police seized 96 fake medical certificates, more than 10 fake stamps, bearing names of hospitals, four COVID-19 test certificates, more than 10 coronavirus quarantine certificates.

The police will summon those names shown in the seized certificates for questioning. 

It was found that one of his customers made the false medical certificate for traveling out of the country on March 28. 

The fake certificate confirmed that she had influenza, not COVID-19. This could cause widespread transmission if the woman carried the COVID-19 virus while traveling.

Source: TNA

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