Border Checkpoints to Open for Thai Returnees

กองบรรณาธิการ TCIJ: Tue, 14 April 2020 | Read 528

Border Checkpoints to Open for Thai Returnees

The Interior Ministry has planned to relax rules at border crossings to allow Thais to return home from April 18 onwards and they must follow public health restrictions.

Permanent Secretary for Interior, Chatchai Promlert sent letters to all provincial governors regarding the opening of borders to allow entry of Thai nationals from neighboring countries at 23 channels in 21 provinces. 

The starting date is set for April 18 and it limits the number of returnees at only 100 persons per day per channel. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will submit the lists of the returnees to the Interior Ministry at least two days in advance.  

In the southern border provinces, two permanent border checkpoints in Songkhla’s Sadao district and Narathiwat’s Sungai Kolok district will serve a maximum of 100 people while each of three permanent checkpoints in Yala and Satun will limit the number of returnees at 50 persons per day. 

The Thai returnees are required to travel with fit-to-travel a health certificate and a letter acknowledging their return, issued by a Thai embassy or a Thai consulate. They have to comply with the state quarantine or local quarantine for 14 days upon their arrivals.

Source: TNA

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