Myanmar Refugee Camp Locked Down for COVID Infection

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Myanmar Refugee Camp Locked Down for COVID Infection

The Umpiem refugee camp in Phop Phra district was locked down after an illegal migrant entered it with the novel coronavirus. 

Local residents told officials that the Myanmar man who had a high fever crossed the Thai-Myanmar border through a jungle and entered the camp. Officials sent him to a local hospital for a COVID-19 test. After testing positive, he was sent to Mae Sot Hospital for treatment. 

Defense volunteers were then deployed to restrict access to the Umpiem refugee camp and strictly screen everyone who enters and leaves the place. The area of the camp where the infected man had stayed was locked down and health officials were quarantining the people who had been in close contact with him. 

There are about 10,000 refugees at the Umpiem camp.

Thailand on Monday reported seven new cases of Covid-19 including six Thais and a foreigner in state quarantine. The total cases were recorded at 3,920.

Source: TNA

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