Muslims Allowed to Perform Friday Prayers at Mosques

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Muslims Allowed to Perform Friday Prayers at Mosques

Muslims in Thailand are allowed to pray at mosques on Friday after religious gathering has been banned for over a month to curb the spread of the coronavirus since March 27.

The Office of the Sheikhul Islam on Monday announced that Muslims may attend Friday mass prayers at mosques.  It urges Thai Muslims to follow government measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Muslim communities and mosques across Thailand have prepared for Friday prayer by disseminating disease control information and setting up health screening.

Mosques in Muslim-majority southern provinces such as the Pakistani Mosque in Songkhla province will resume their Friday prayers.  Administrators and health officials will perform health screening and enforce social distancing rules. 

Everyone must clean their hands with alcohol-based sanitizer before entering.  The floors are marked to keep spacing of 1.5 to 2 meters for people while praying.

Like Muslims across the world, Thai Muslims have been called to observe the holy fasting month of Ramadan that began on April 23 at home.

Source: TNA

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