Similan Islands to Be Closed for Five Months

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Similan Islands to Be Closed for Five Months

PHANG NGA, May 16 (TNA) - The Similan Islands in Thailand’s southern Phang Nga province will be temporarily closed to tourists for five months to allow natural restorations.

The Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation has declared temporary closure to tourism at national parks during the monsoon season from Thursday until mid-October.

The decision was made for tourist safety in the wake of monsoon rains and rough sea conditions in the Andaman Sea, the department says.

On Wednesday, the last group of 657 tourists made their day trip to the islands on Wednesday.

This year, over 675,000 tourists have visited the Similan Islands considered a one of the most pristine diving site.

Other marine parks in the south including Tarutao and Koh Surin are also closed.

Source: TNA

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