Four Provinces Declared Drought Disaster Areas

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Four Provinces Declared Drought Disaster Areas

Thailand is facing severe drought as four provinces have been declared drought disaster areas.

Supply of water is running low in many areas including Khao Yai National Park. A male gaur was seen sipping water from a dried up ditch in Wang Nam Keau district of Nakhon Ratchasima province.

Wildlife conservationists said the rare sight of gaur in the village showed how serious the drought situation was.

Other provinces in the northeast have also been affected; water levels in reservoirs are rapidly depleting to about 10 percent of their capacities. Thousands of households have faced shortages of water for consumption and farming. With no rainfalls, villagers have tried to pump the water from underground from artesian wells.

Besides the Northeast that is currently the area most affected by the drought, other parts in the Central including Ang Thong provinces are struggling to find water sources. Water in the irrigation system has quickly plunged.

The Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation has announced emergency zones in four provinces including Roi Et and Si Sa Ket in the Northeast and Trat and Chon Buri in the East.

Major dams in the country have 62 percent of the combined capacity, which is significantly lower than that of last year.

Source: TNA, 3 April 2019

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