Chiang Mai Opens Center to Help People Affected by Cold Spell

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Chiang Mai Opens Center to Help People Affected by Cold Spell

The northern province of Chiang Mai has opened an operation center to help people, who lack warm clothing during winter months.

Pairin Limcharoen, Head of the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Chiang Mai office said the center was set up to address the shortage of winter clothes and blankets among the underprivileged and people living in remote and mountainous areas.

About 370, 000 people in 25 districts are likely to be affected by a cold spell, he said. The figure includes 180,000 elderly and 56,000 low-income earners. Orphaned children and handicapped people will need about 440,000 warm clothes and blankets.

About 15,000 items have been already distributed to those in need. The private sector, charity organizations, and foundations also give away donated winter clothing.

Thanawut Panchapornudomlarp, the director of the local meteorological office said the temperature in downtown Chiang Mai would drop to 15 degrees Celsius and to single-digit on mountains. People are advised to stay warm and healthy.


Source: TNA

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